St Albert – the Largest Garden in All Canada

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The garden of our home is the ideal place to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends. It’s the main meeting place where we carry out outdoor activities, without abandoning safety and comfort of our property. Grilling some marshmallows next to a campfire, barbecuing on Sundays or taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer afternoon. The quantity of activities that can be done in a garden is innumerable.

It’s true that having a beautiful garden can be a great investment. However, if we talk about comfort and enjoyment of our loved ones, it’s surely a well spent money. Many homes in Canada have huge gardens. Even in certain neighborhoods, people compete to have the best garden design.

Do you plan to transform adjacent spaces of your home into a beautiful garden? Do you want to impress people who pass near your house? Maybe it’s the opportune time to activate your creativity and get down working. Saint Albert is a Canadian city famous for its landscaping. If we could describe this place with just one phrase, this would be: the biggest Canadian garden of all. Its incredible landscapes and harmony between green areas and urbanism make it the perfect place to find inspiration.

Obviously, such an impressive design can only be the work of the brightest minds in landscaping. Today, there are many landscapers in Canada, however, when you are looking for the best of the best, there is only one option: St Albert landscape design.

landscape design

St Albert landscape design is characterized by combining classic and modern elements with ornamental plants that highlight the beauty of the structures. It’s a place where the work of man and nature converge in perfect balance, providing an unforgettable visual experience. Surely, those who visit this beautiful corner of Canada, fall in love with its design.

Many gardens of Saint Albert incorporate retaining walls to take advantage of spaces and provide greater stability to soil. These designs are especially recommended in mountainous terrain prone to erosion and landslides. Many constructions located in mountains need retaining walls to avoid collapse of foundation soil.

Before, retaining walls were built only for practical purposes, and therefore, no one paid attention to aesthetics. However, in modern times, that old concept has changed and now, the aspect of retaining walls is an important part of design.

St Albert retaining wall design is one of the most striking aspects of this city. Walls made of reinforced concrete, gabions and prefabricated elements are some of the most popular. When these are mixed with beauty of ornamental plants, result is truly incredible. Some walls are built in a staggered way, forming small terraces that are then used as gardens. This design is very fashionable in ecological cities, where it’s mandatory to take advantage of each piece of free land.

St Albert retaining wall design is the perfect combination between practicality and aesthetics. There’s no doubt that Canadian landscapers know very well how to turn something as common as a retaining wall into a true piece of art. Therefore, if you’re thinking on turning external spaces of your home into something extraordinary, it would be a good idea to contact a garden designer from St Albert.


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