Why Are Air Conditioners so Important in Texas?

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Let me guess. If you’re reading this article, you probably live in Spring TX and your air conditioner has just got damaged. Take it easy! Many Texans have gone through the same situation. It’s true that there’s nothing worse than not having air conditioning during a hot summer in Texas and for that reason, you can’t wait too long for a technician to repair it.

If you’re the maintenance manager in an office or mall, where people need air conditioning to work comfortably, you can’t allow air conditioners to start to fail. If an air conditioner under your supervision is damaged, other people’s work will be interrupted, your co-workers will surely hate you and in the worst case, you’ll lose your job.

To avoid having to face such an unpleasant situation, it’s necessary to have a good maintenance plan. Currently, many companies hire outsourcing services that are responsible for maintenance of their air conditioners. Many malls, for example, sign contracts with the best Spring TX ac repair companies. In this way, maintenance manager should only take charge of supervision and ensure that the work was done well.

If you’re in charge of maintenance of air conditioners in a huge company, it would be a good idea to create a maintenance plan and hiring a Spring TX ac repair for a periodic maintenance service. There are even services of AC repair in Spring TX that can create the most appropriate maintenance plan according to client’s needs.

Air Conditioners

All equipment has different durability and performance. For that reason, frequency of maintenance can vary. Some air conditioners can be checked every month, but others, need maintenance every week. Technicians from AC repair in Spring TX have decades of experience working with all types of refrigeration equipment and according to their specifications, they’ll know how often they’ll perform maintenance.

Honesty of a technician can be the difference between saving or losing thousands of dollars a year. For example, some technicians usually charge companies a weekly maintenance service, when really; the equipment can be maintained in optimal conditions with only one service per month. This happens frequently in malls, where some outsourcing companies charge for doing nothing. Amazing!

How often should a technician check the operation of a conventional air conditioner? Usually, when we buy a new air conditioner, performance guarantee is one year. For this reason, if the equipment is only a few years old, it’s advisable to call a technician once a year to check its status. During the first years of use, the most common faults are small refrigerant gas leaks.

Troubleshooting & Repairing Central Air Units (AC) ~ Step By Step

When the equipment has more than a decade of use, electrical system begins to fail. In those cases, it would be advisable to call a technician once every six months. However, if the motor and electrical system have been replaced by new ones, there should be no problem.

Keeping an air conditioner operational for life isn’t impossible. It’s a task that requires investment and planning. If you’re the owner of a major company and your main source of income is the work of your employees, do whatever is necessary to ensure comfortable working conditions. Therefore, don’t let your air conditioners to get damaged.


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