What a Tree Trimming Service Does

Tree Trimming Service

A tree trimming service offers arboricultural services to commercial, residential and public sector clients. These services consist of pruning and cutting off branches, removing excess or dead trees, and grinding and removal of stumps. They also help in insect control, transplanting, and other services.

When you need tree cutting and removal services you should contact family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations and also go online and try and find these services. When you find these services online you can check whether they are insured and bonded. You can also find out where they worked and how good their services were. After you collected all this information you can check with the locals to know about the quality of their work.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

There are different types of trimming which include fine pruning which involves removal of fine branches to improve the appearance of the tree. There is hazard trimming, which is recommended for trees that cause a safety hazard. This involves removing branches that are 2” or more in diameter. Standard pruning involves a little heavy cutting which is done to improve the branch structure of the tree and there is crown reduction trimming which involves the elimination of major branches and is done when branches interfere with power lines or there is substantial dieback.

A tree trimming service has a lot of benefits. Trimming helps to maintain the health of the tree. The elimination of diseased, dying and dead branches helps to curtail the spread of decay. After the removal of dead and dying branches, the trees get increased exposure to sun and air. Pruning of fruit trees can enhance the quantity and size of the crop and should be done at the end of winter.

What Is the Cost of Tree Trimming?

Every homeowner likes his yard to look beautiful, and to do that he has to regularly get the trees trimmed into shape. Besides making the trees look aesthetically good pruning and trimming have to be done to remove dead and broken limbs that can be a hazard. The cost of tree trimming can vary depending on different factors. It is best to hire professional companies for the job. In order to do that you should get quotes from at least three companies.

The cost of pruning depends on the size of the tree. Trees that are 30 ft. high or less will cost between $75 – $450. Trees that are between 30ft – 60ft will cost $150 – $875 and trees that are 60ft and more will cost between $200 – $1000 and more. If you require emergency tree pruning and trimming services you will have to pay an additional $250 an hour.

When should trees be trimmed?

When you see dead or damaged branches in the trees they should immediately be removed, but if you want to trim your trees for improving overall health and shape then winter is the month for it. Once spring sets in you will see new growth which will lead to a fuller look. If you want to slow down the branch growth then summer is the best time for trimming.


A tree trimming service helps to maintain the overall health and aesthetics of the trees in a yard or property which is residential or commercial.


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