Tree Trimming Safety Tips

Tree Trimming

Trees are quite tricky to trim or cut down so when engaging in tree trimming activity you need to be in the right frame of mind and armed with the right gear to prevent accidents. Every year there are cases of tree accidents which could have been avoided if only safety tips were adhered to. Here are a few trimming safety tips to imbibe before embarking on a tree trimming exercise.

Wear the Tight Gear

Wearing the right gear is just as important if not more important than any other thing. Make sure you wear long sleeved tops to cover your elbows and arms and long pants to cover your limbs entirely. The right clothing is necessary to prevent suffering skin tear caused by that point branches or rough tree barks. Do make sure that you protects your hands by wearing protective gloves as well. Eye protection is also essential to prevent debris and Tony bite of tree chinks from getting into your eyes so wear eye goggles. If you are plan working with a chainsaw, wear ear protection to reduce the impact on your eardrums. As for the right shoes, boots with slip resistant soles will be fine.

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Pre Work Assessment

Before you connect your pole lines and commence work, do a thorough pre work assessment by checking the branches to see if they are firm enough to hold your weight. To tackle weak branches, avoid climbing them but rather make use of ladders to cut them off. Pre work assessments will protect you from falling off weak branches.

Mark off the Area

You need to Mark of the area to protect passerby and co workers working the job with you. Marking off the area is important because errant branches can fall off and cause harm to others. You can use emergency tapes and isolation signs to notify passerby to keep off the area. This way, you are not only protecting them but members of your team as well.

First Aid is the Key

Accidents may occur so you have to prepare for it even if yoi don’t pray or expect one to happen because no the safety measures you have put in place. When trimming a tree, it is risky to do it alone. It is safer to work with a partner in case of emergencies. At least one of you should have a little training on First Aid and CPR. A little First Aid knowledge can be lifesaving.

Inspect ladders and poles

If you are going to be making use of ladders and poles, make sure they are in good condition before putting them to use.

There is quite a lot to consider before you engage in tree trimming but these tips listed can help you prevent accidents when working that tree.

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