Selecting a Local Tree Care Service

Local Tree Care Service

In Austin, there is a tree care service that provides professional care for trees and removal services. Their focus is to promote, retain and improve the health of your trees. They have an arborist on their staff and have been handling tree care services for 18 years. They have a lot of knowledge and experience in taking care of trees.

They have worked with residential as well as commercial properties and take care of trees especially at the time of natural disaster. Their services include trimming of trees, stump grinding, removal of trees and tree pruning. They are covered by insurance and carry out their tasks in an efficient manner. Whenever they are called they will use professionalism and highlight on safety.

The Services Offered by Local Tree Care Service

Local tree care services offer a wide range of services which includes, emergency services, tree trimming. Tree fertilization, tree removal, root clearance, storm damage, lot cleaning, ball moss removal, construction damage, mistletoe removal, commercial tree service, and oak wilt treatment. They have been providing these service in Greater Austin and surrounding areas which include Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, Lake Travis, and Lakeway for over 18 years.

They treat diseased trees like removing ball moss from live oak. They also take care to see which trees should not morally be cut down. When they are called by owners of residential and commercial they take care to see that trees are well-maintained and well placed to add beauty to the landscaping and enhance the worth of the property.

What are the advantages of Local Tree Care Service?

Fall is the time when homeowners call local tree care service to trim trees, cut dead branches and eliminate dying foliage. Dead branches can be a danger to property and members of the family when temperatures fall and winter starts. Trees that are dying and lifeless branches can be a danger to power lines, house roofs, people and cars so calling tree care services you can assess the trees that should be removed pruned or braced,
As a tree grows its root zone can expand enormously sometimes even breaking pavements on your property. Sometimes when you want a better view for your residence you can call local tree care service to get rid of overgrown branches and unsightly trees.

Why choose a local tree care service?

If you are based in Greater Austin you will definitely have trees on your property. To maintain the trees beautifully and to prune any trees that are overgrown you can call local tree care service to trim trees at your residence or your place of business. Local tree care service has skilled people who understand about trees and will take good care of them. Their team is made up of arborists that offer care services to all residential and commercial properties in the surrounding areas.

If you need emergency tree service and clean up after a storm they are always there on call. You can call them to balance your tree canopy and diagnose and treat sick trees.


Call local tree care service if you want your trees trimmed and your plants pruned in your driveway


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