Tips to Remove Graffiti from Windows

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Today, many consider graffiti as the best expression of urban art. However, for many others it’s just vandalism. Although in many places, graffiti is appreciated by people, it can actually become a real threat. The facade of many homes has ended up ruined because of some people unaware of the damage they cause. If exterior walls of your home have become the canvas of an urban artist, surely you know very well that feeling of anger and frustration.

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Removing graffiti from a wall isn’t an easy task. First you must remove all the paint layer that has been stained, then you must apply plaster mix and wait for it to dry. Then you must sand the surface and remove any dust particles. Finally, you can apply paint. Surely, removing a huge graffiti from your wall can take several days of hard work.

But, what happens when graffiti is on your windows? Usually, removing paint from glass isn’t a big problem. However, some spray paints adhere as well to glass as ink does to paper. It’s almost impossible to remove!

Many people have to remove their full windows when they’ve been victims of graffiti. If the supposed artist decides to return to your home, it’s better to be prepared, or you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars again and again changing glass of your windows.

Are you a frequent victim of vandalism like these? Are you tired of investing too much money in maintenance of your glasses? Don’t worry, there’s a solution. While police try to catch the artist behind graffiti, you should install an anti graffiti film on your windows.

Anti graffiti film is a novel product that prevents paint from adhering to the surface of glass. It’s also resistant to UV rays, preventing it from changing color under exposure of sunlight. If someone paints graffiti on your windows, all you have to do is removing the film and changing it for a new one. The process is as quick and easy as changing the smoked paper in your car.

Remove Graffiti

Remove Graffiti from Glass

Today, there are hundreds of companies in Los Angeles and other cities in United States that are experts in graffiti removal from glass. In fact, it isn’t necessary to change glass of your windows in case of graffiti. Companies dedicated to graffiti removal from glass have specialized equipment capable of removing any stain.

Usually, you start by applying a product that weakens paint on the glass. Then, a paste with abrasive particles is applied that allows to gently removing paint without scratching the glass surface. With the help of a manual polisher, equipped with a soft sponge, paste is spread evenly in circular motions.

Little by little, graffiti disappears from the glass. Then the glass is cleaned with soap and water and then dried. The results are incredible. It’s almost impossible to observe that a huge stain was there before.

If you want your glasses look like new, request services from a professional. Maintenance of your glasses is a worthwhile investment. A clean and clear window glass is the best way to allow passage of natural light and improving your home’s aesthetics. Don’t wait any longer and look for the best glass company restoration near you.


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