Tips on New Roof Installation

New Roof Installation

At the time when you are having the maintenance inspection of your roofing if your roofing contractor tells you that you need to have your roof replaced ask him for an estimate. Then you can call another company and ask them for a roof installation estimate. If the second company also tells you that you need to have your roof replaced then you have no option but to plan for your roof installation with the roof installation company which you think is the best.

If you do not understand much about the roof installation you can ask the person giving you the estimate and a good company roof expert will explain everything clearly to you.

How to go about a new roof installation?

When you get the estimates from two different companies you should compare the two to know whether both have included everything. One company might have included the roofing and gutters while the other may not include the gutters.

You also need to see the different materials used by the companies in the estimate like the shingles, flashing, underlayment, and ventilation. Make sure the materials that the company has mentioned are high-quality ones and not the cheap ones.

You will also require checking the time range of the project and the terms of payment. The reputed companies will give you a complete breakdown of the cost. If both have taken everything into account you can choose the one that you feel is good for the job.

Warranty Check

When you get the estimate from the company make sure there is a warranty or guarantee for the work they are going to do for you. If it is not mentioned in the estimate you must ask the company if they do not give warranty for the work which they are going to do for you and how long it is expected to last. Installation of a roof is going to be a big investment for you.

There is a manufacturer’s warranty that only covers defects in the materials and they do not include labor so you need to have a warranty from the company that is doing the job.

What you should know about the roofing company?

Before you hire a company to install your roof you must visit the company office and ask for a contractor’s or roofing license. A reputed company will show these documents without a fuss. Then you can ask them for liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.

If the roofing contractor shows you all the documents then you can consider him for the contract otherwise you may face problems if there is an accident on site during the roof installation. If the company does not have the necessary documents it is best to contact another company that has all the documentation.


Do you want to install a new roof? Then contact a roof installation company that has liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance.


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