The Best Roofing Contractor Is Not the Cheapest

local roofing contractor

When you want roofing contractor to install your roof you should get two or three quotes to find one who is good for the job. Selecting one whose quote is the lowest you may not get a good job done and may have to spend more on repairs. You must also make sure your roof installer has liability insurance and worker’s compensation and see that the certificates are valid. This will protect your roof installation with security cover.

It is best to choose a local roofing contractor who has a reputable business and is well-known in the community. If you face any problems you can always hold him on his five- year warranty. Cheap bids will not cover insurance and overheads.

Cheap bids will not give you roof installation that lasts

There are many roof installers who work out of pick-up trucks and provide home-owners with cheap quotes. Many home-owners hire their services to construct their roof and when the roof starts leaking, the roof installers are nowhere to be found and the homeowners are left with a five-year warranty which is just a slip of paper. Customers who used their services have to spend more to get roofers to fix the leaking roof.

These roof-installers who operate from pick-up trucks may not even have a license from the state for operating. If customers had asked them for a copy of their roof-installer’s license and checked online they might have been able to prevent unnecessary expense.

Avoid Knock-on-the-door roof installers

Before the onset of winter when home-owners are getting their roofs installed there will be a roof- installer who knocks on your door and asks you if you require a new roof installed. Such roof-installers should be avoided. You can ask him for a copy of his roof-installers license, driver’s license, and his address and check online if he has a base in the locality where he can be contacted.

Very often during the season many knocks –on the –door installers will come looking for jobs to make a quick buck. Unless they are based in the locality for a decade you should not hire their services.

Hire the services of a Local Roofing Contractor

If you have to install a new roof it is better to hire a local company that is familiar with the local building rules. They will be familiar with the community and have a reputation.You can ask them for referrals and check on them. If at a later stage you face any problem with your roof you can contact them. When you hire a local roofing contractor they are thoroughly examined by the local community and well-known in the area.

If there is a natural disaster then you can rush to a local company for help. He can be on site in an hour or two and provide you an estimate for repairs. With their long years of service in the locality, they know the type of roofs that will be best for the area. Sometimes you might like a particular roof and the roof –installer might tell you it is not suitable for the locality.


A local roof-installer who has worked in a locality understands the weather conditions and other problems that affect the locality and is better able to guide you on a suitable roof installation.


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