Different Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

roof needs replacement

When a roof is around 20 years old and the edges of the shingles get curled or the tabs of the shingles are cupped than you know it is time to replace your roof. Sometimes you may see bald spots where granules have gone missing and shingles have cracked and you know it is time to replace your roof. You can contact the roofer in the locality who has been installing roofs to have a look at your roof and see if it has to be replaced.

A roof is the most important part of a home and without it, water can get into the house. A leak in the roof can create a lot of damage to personal belongings, promote the growth of mold, wet drywall, rot wood and ruin the carpet. So it is better to get a roofer to inspect the roof and give an estimate if a new roof has to be installed.

Different signs that your roof needs replacement

Sometimes tar streaks and growth of algae is caused by bacteria eating at the waterproofing properties of shingles. This is because the shingle is of cheap quality and the algae will eat the limestone in the shingles and leave black streaks which will affect the weatherproofing properties. When you notice this you can send a roofer to check on the condition of your roof.

When the attic does not have proper vents moist warm air goes up and gets confined in the attic. When this happens there is condensation on the bottom of the roof which gives rise to mold and rusty nails. If this remains for long plywood will rot and a new roof will have to be installed.

How to find a roofing contractor?

When you find that your roof needs replacement you can contact the local roofing company and ask them for an estimate. You can also ask the roofing contractor for referrals. These referrals can be checked with the local owners to know about the quality of his roof installation. It is always better to get two to three estimates before you hire the services of a roof installer.

Make sure that the roof installer has liability insurance and worker’s compensation. See the certificates to make sure they are valid. This will provide you security cover when you hire a roof installer.

How to improve the life of a new asphalt shingle roof?

When you install a new asphalt shingle roof you can predict its lifetime based on the warranties of the shingles manufacturer and the roof installer. There will be two warranties that you will get one will be the manufacturer’s warranty on the shingles which can extend from 15 years to a lifetime. This warranty will come into effect for any manufacturing defect.

The second warranty will be the installer’s warranty which will prevent roof leakage and shingle failure prematurely. Installer’s warranties are for a short period and will provide repair of the roof or replacement.


When installing a new roof use quality material and a good installer to enhance the lifetime of the roof.


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