Apartment Roofing & Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing

When you decide to install new roofing for your home the first thought to strike you would be which is the best roofing for my home. The most popular roofing among residential homes is shingles. Shingles come with two types of warranty, one is lifetime warranty and one is a limited lifetime warranty.

Those that come with lifetime warranty have full coverage for 50 years while those that come with limited lifetime warranty have 100% coverage for 10 years then the warranty coverage goes on decreasing every year.

When you choose shingles with a limited lifetime warranty, if something happens to your shingles before 50 years you won’t have to pay an enormous roofing bill.

Apartment Roofing

Apartment buildings have flat or slightly sloping roofs which are similar to the roofs of large commercial buildings. The roofs of flat apartment buildings are installed with a single-ply membrane which is a flexible sheet made up of synthetic compounded materials.

The membrane is manufactured in a factory and is of three types, thermosets, thermoplastics, and modified bitumen. The membrane provides flexibility, strength, and lasting durability.

The benefits of sheets that are pre-fabricated is the reliability of the product quality and the adaptability in the methods of attachments. They are naturally flexible and used in a wide range of attachment systems. They are compounded for lasting durability and watertight reliability for many years of roof life.

Tile Roofing

Texas is well known for tile roofing. It has 30 years of experience in the roof tile industry. Tile roofing in Texas is known for its excellence. It has a quality that you can count on to last for years.

The roofers in Texas provide their customers with craftsmanship and expert knowledge in a different type of roofing products and coverings.

Clay tile roofs are used in the southwest of the US in houses with a Spanish motif. A roof with tiles provides a stately and unique appearance which is ideal for large homes.

It can withstand extreme weather conditions like high heat, high wind, and severe cold. It is a good choice for new roof installation.

Real Slate and Metal Roofing

Slate roofing is the oldest form of roofing and goes back to the stone roofing in England. Slate is a tough, dense, durable natural rock that is non-absorbent. It can be used to form different designs on the roof and gives long life to steep slope roof.

Metal roofing was mostly used in commercial locations like barns and strip malls. But today more and more homeowners are opting for metal-roofing which is maintenance-free.

Metal is noise-free and can stand up to UV rays, hard rain, high winds, and freeze-thaw cycles. It is also fire –resistant. Metal is lightweight and is a good choice for roofing.


If you want to install a new roof you can choose tile roofing or metal roofing. Tile roofing can last for many years and can withstand harsh weather conditions while metal roofing also can last for a long time and is maintenance –free.


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