Why You Should Have Your Gas Boiler Serviced

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For people that heat their homes using hot water from a gas boiler, you must have a service carried out every year. Some people avoid calling in a plumber Brick or elsewhere because they want to save money or they just do not get around to it. In fact, having an annual servicing of the boiler will save you money in the long term. Here are some further reasons for why you should have your gas boiler serviced regularly.

Safety – Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger and is something that can kill without people even realizing as you do not smell it or see it. Part of the inspection will include checking the flue and making sure there is no spillage.

Efficiency – With an annual service part of that includes a combustion test which looks at how the boiler, Ocean County and elsewhere, is burning gas which they then compare to what the specs say should be happening. If it needs adjustments the plumber can make them. Modern gas boilers are a lot more efficient than they once were and that saves money and is better for the environment too. But even those boilers need yearly servicing to remain so.

Draining condensed water – A lot of boilers today are high efficiency condensing boilers but that water becomes acidic over time and has to be drained. There is a condense trap inside the boiler and that trap must have a cleaning and checkup regularly. If it should leak it could cause carbon monoxide to leak into the room.

Checking the pressure – A lot of boilers today work based on high pressure or a sealed system. If the water in that sealed system needs filling up too often that shows that there is a problem with it. It is not good for the boiler so during a service from a plumber Bayville or elsewhere they will check how good the pressure is and if there is a problem look at why.

Looking for hidden faults – A lot of other tests are performed during a service for a boiler, Ocean County and beyond. Checking the supply of gas, making sure it is right for the boiler’s size, making sure there is ventilation if required, making sure it is up to code and more.


If you have a warranty on your gas boiler then it is a requirement to have an annual inspection to keep that valid. It is important to have someone who is qualified to do so though. Having it regularly checked can save you money, keep you safe and keep it performing as it should be. You should have a book that came with the boiler so that you can have its service history recorded.


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