Moving Time – Top Packing Tips

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When your time in one home has come to an end and you are moving to a new one, there can be a moment of being overwhelmed by what exactly moving will entail. There is a good reason people say moving is one of the hardest things to do, and that is especially true if you intend to do it all or even partly yourself. Bringing in professional removals Gloucester or where you are can help a lot but here are some top packing and moving tips to help too.

1) Get started on planning and then non-essential packing early. Do not leave everything until the week of the move, that is too much if it is just you doing it all. You do not have to pack everything in one night. Set aside time to tackle certain areas of each room.

2) Do not underestimate how much you have. Sometimes we look at things like a bookcase and we see a few books and some knickknacks and think that would only take 30 minutes to pack away. But in fact, depending on the number of items that could take a lot longer. Books need to be spread out as putting them all in large boxes is too heavy to handle. Knickknacks need wrapping and packing carefully.

3) Use the process to de-clutter. The fewer things you hold onto, the less packing and unpacking you have to do in the future! Chuck away broken things, belongings that have stayed in the back of a cupboard for 5 years, or that you have always thought were ugly. Why carry heavy things, or pay professional removals Gloucester to move things you do not value?

4) If there is no room for something, do you need to consider storage Cheltenham or where you are? Some moving companies offer storage options that can be very useful, but likewise, do not store things you really do not use or value.

removals Gloucester

5) Create a staging area or two – a place where you can get it cleared and it can have boxes that are packed and ready to go.

6) Re-pack storage boxes. Do not assume that seasonal boxes or storage boxes that you have filled with items in the attic or your basement are suitable for moving. They may need re-packing.

7) Whether the items are to be put into storage Cheltenham or moved to the new home, you should not be marking every box as fragile just to get movers to take more care with them. That tends to lead none of the boxes actually being treated carefully. Be realistic.

8) If you have something difficult to move plan it out first. If you have movers helping make them aware of the items and the issues, whether it is size, weight, value and they can make sure special tools and packing materials are brought to help and come up with a plan for it.


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