Hiring Painters – What You Should Know Before Painting the Facade of Your Home

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What’s the first thing that neighbors criticize in our homes? The doors? Sometimes. The windows? Maybe. The painting? Always. Exterior painting is perhaps one of the details that attracts the most attention in any structure. It’s the first thing we usually see and criticize when it isn’t in perfect condition.

Outdoor paint is perhaps one of the most expensive. Why? Because it’s composed by substances resistant to inclement weather, humidity and UV rays. Obviously, if your house is big enough, you’ll probably pay so much for the painting on your facade. Currently there are many different brands of paint. Those from recognized brands that we know since our childhood are usually the most expensive. But what about the other brands? Would it be a good idea to buy them?

If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy several gallons of expensive paint, it’s better to look for other options, unless you have no problem painting only a small section of your facade. Many paints offer very good performance and others promise a perfect coverage with just a layer. How to know if what they promise is true? Doing a test.

You can go to a hardware store and buy a fraction of a gallon to test it on some surface of your home. If paint is thick, homogeneous and consistent, that’s a good sign. However, if paint is too liquid, color is too pale and components tend to separate easily, surely it’s a poor quality product.

When doing the test, make sure brush is clean and doesn’t have any solvent residue. Solvents such as kerosene or thinner can ruin even the best paint. After painting the surface, let it dry naturally with the sun. Note if there’s any change in appearance, perhaps cracks on surface or discoloration. If this happens, discard paint immediately.

On the other hand if with a single layer of paint you get perfect coverage, color stays bright and surface remains smooth and without imperfections, you can be sure that you’ve found a good paint.
Once you’ve acquired the paint and the tools, it’s time to think about the workforce. If after any physical activity, you suffer from muscle pain, it wouldn’t be a good idea you take charge of the painting of your house. You can hire a Lawrenceville exterior painter with reasonable rates.

House Painters

Make sure Lawrenceville exterior painter is a responsible person, with a good reputation and with proven experience doing similar work. Painting of your house is a great responsibility that you cannot leave in inexpert hands.

House painters in John’s Creek are also renowned for being fast and very responsible. Obviously, not all house painters in John’s Creek accomplish what they promise and you could end up paying more than you agreed at first. For that reason, it’s always good to sign a contract where rules of the game are clearly established. This way you’ll avoid misunderstandings, demands and delays at work.

If you are thinking of hiring third-party labor, take these tips into account and everything will be ok.


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