Different Aspects of Concrete Resurfacing

concrete resurfacing

Also known as spray-on concrete for the most popular method, concrete resurfacing is a great way on both indoor and outdoor surfaces to get a new surface at an affordable price. There are companies you can turn to, but whatever concrete resurfacing company in Huntsville, AL you choose make sure you look for professional and experienced workers. There was a time when concrete surfaces dropped in favor but recently they have seen a renewed interest. Homeowners are realizing how effective it is at turning old and even damaged surfaces into something new and attractive.

Exterior concrete resurfacing in Huntsville, AL can really transform the look of your home. It is not just a driveway fix, it can also be around the pool, in parts of the garden or backyard, pathways, patios, walls and more. Inside areas commonly done are basement floors and kitchen floors. There are a few ways to do it including concrete overlays, concrete stamping, and acid staining. It can be used to mimic higher costing materials like marble or tiles, and colors and finishes can be customized. Here is a look at the most popular methods of concrete resurfacing.

Stamped Concrete
To create a stamped concrete effect any concrete resurfacing company in Huntsville, AL will first be covered with a spray on surface. Then the surface is stamped with something like patterned or textured mats. Shades can be added to mimic higher-end surfaces like brick or natural stone.

exterior concrete resurfacing

Spray On Paving
If you have a surface that is old, worn and needs replacing spay on paving is a good option. It is a modified coating applied to old concrete surfaces to make them look new again. Spray on is actually chosen for a few reasons but a big one is it is far more durable and at least 4 times the strength of regular poured concrete. Then add on how easy it is to clean as well as being fade resistant and slip resistant and you can see why exterior concrete resurfacing in Huntsville, AL is often done this way.

Limecoat End
This involves adding a quartz or limestone coating to give the appearance of the real thing. It is very commonly used in the restoration of older buildings and statues, but recently more are realizing it has commercial as well as industrial uses too in places like hospitals, stadiums and amusement parks for example.

When it comes to concrete resurfacing the underlying surface needs to be in structurally sound. It cannot be done over a surface that has deep cracks, lifting, crumbling or damage. Also important is the soil quality for external resurfacing. Proper preparation needs to be carried out with cleaning, filling in cracks, profiling and such. With a resurfacing professional that has experience from a concrete resurfacing company in Huntsville, AL, you can have an attractive floor that is affordable, easy to maintain and lasts a long time.


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