Reasons to Not Installation White Carpets at Home

Carpets look great in any home; however, when they are wrinkled they become a real problem. Many people had accidents inside their homes when they stumbled over the folds of wrinkled carpets. Maybe a wrinkled carpet seems just as an aesthetic problem, but it could also be a cause of domestic accidents.

Imagine the following scenario. You’re walking inside your house while carrying a box full of glass objects. The box doesn’t allow you to see where you are stepping, so you try to walk very carefully. When you think you had everything under control, your foot stumbles over a fold in the carpet. You fall to the ground and all glass objects end up breaking. In the best case, everything would end there. At worst, you could end up in the intensive care area of a hospital.

Accidents happen every day and if we don’t guarantee safe conditions in our own homes, our families could be hurt. If the old carpets in your home have started to wrinkle, it’s better to request carpet stretching services immediately.

Carpet stretching process is quite simple and usually solved very quickly. Usually, the professional in charge takes off the carpet from the floor, removes the old layer of glue, then stretches the carpet to be installed in the right place. Some professionals tend to stretch the carpet fibers by applying heat, perhaps with a steam gun or an iron. When carpet is heated, it’s much easier to stretch and manipulate.

How to Stretch Carpet

However, when fibers of the carpet break with the slightest stretch, it’s sure that you need a carpet replacement. Many people never change their carpets because they consider that carpet replacement services are too expensive. But really it isn’t so. In fact, buying the carpet is the most expensive thing in the entire process.

It’s true that many of us would like to have an elegant and expensive rug in our homes, however, not everybody have enough money to pay for the carpet of their dreams. The cost per square meter of a carpet can range from tens to hundreds of dollars. If you want to install an expensive carpet in an area that is too large, you’ll surely spend more money than you imagine.

Synthetic fiber carpets are usually very easy to clean and are much cheaper compared to those made with natural fibers. In addition, synthetic rugs can be found in a variety of different colors and designs. In too extensive areas, carpets, although expensive, are usually a cheaper option compared to ceramics or wood.

If you’ve always wanted to have hardwood floors, but you’ve never had the money to pay for them, you should think of carpets. Some of them are stamped with patterns that mimic wooden floors.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on the maintenance of your carpets, choose dark colors. Although they look beautiful, white carpets can become a real headache. Dirt is very difficult to hide in white carpets. Even if you use the vacuum cleaner, there will always be small residues that, little by little, will transform that radiant white carpet you bought at first, into a piece of gray and battered fabric. If you choose carpets for your home, make sure you make the right decision, that way you’ll avoid spending more than you can have for maintenance.


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