Becoming a Paving Contractor

Paving Contractor

Home Improvement – Becoming a Paving Contractor

Paving contractors are the ones that enable the building of parking lots, driveways, and roads. They may also do larger jobs like paving airport runways, building highways, and more. In order to become a paving contractor you will need your high school diploma or equivalent and then work as a paver having your work supervised until you are ready to be a paving contractor.

Most paving contractors start out as a paver equipment operator or work. You will need to learn the business from the beginning to the end. Once you have promoted to a paving contractor it will be your job to manage paving jobs. After high school, you need to find a paving company where you can get an apprenticeship to learn on the job along with working with the paving company for several years. To become a paving contractor you will need to be promoted into management training. Some decide to go to college first to get a bachelors degree in business. They also take computer training, and learn about the construction business. Once they graduate college, they look for an apprenticeship.

Paving Contractors

Paving contractors has a variety of responsibilities due to the managerial part of the job. For example, while working as a paving contractor they may have to do the following:

• Get new clients
• Hire paving workers and training them
• Surveying the site that is to be paved
• Determining how much labor and equipment will cost
• Doing cost analyses
• Keeping the paving project they are working on schedule
• Making sure that the client is informed about any changes or problems with the paving project
• Sending an invoice to the client at the end of the project for payment

Paving contractors also use computers to keep records so they should have excellent computer skills, good interpersonal skills to communicate with workers and clients, and good management skills to keep their workers on schedule so the project is finished on time. Good math skills are also essential because they are responsible for keeping track of expenditures.


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