Understanding Bed Bugs for Better Control

bed bugs

Bed bugs have been around for many years but in recent times many developed countries thought they were a thing of the past or limited to those living in less ideal situations. Unfortunately, this has not turned out to be the case, bed bugs seem to be a real problem, in Europe, in North America as well as the rest of the world.

From houses to apartments, fancy hotels and even offices are seeing an emergence of bed bug infestations. The key to getting rid of them and having better pest control is to better understand the bugs themselves.

When you do not have time to educate yourself about them and removing them, it may be time to call in professional bed bug control, Surrey or where you are.

A closer look at bed bugs

The proper name for the bed bug is Cimex Lectularius and while its common name suggests the bug infests just beds it can live anywhere, soft furnishings and furniture, small spaces and will feed on people and animals too. They can range in size from 1mm up to 7mm, are a red-brown color and are wingless. They move around homes and places of work traveling on clothes, in suitcases and such.

Hygiene has nothing to do with whether a place has bed bugs or not, so the cleanest of homes and hotels can still have them.

While they tend to feed when the person or pet is sleeping, they are not confined to the bedroom.

Therefore when calling in professional bed bug control Coquitlam a full search of the house should be carried out. If all you have done is treated the bed or the bedroom, you probably have not gotten rid of them all, and they will breed and increase in numbers again.

bed bug control Canada

Getting Better Control on Bed Bugs

Sometimes when you buy a piece of furniture second hand you might be bringing home the bugs. Or if you have traveled or stayed elsewhere, you may have brought them back in your suitcase. As a result, to get better control make sure you check first before you enter the home.

If you have been bitten or you see dark spots on the bedding where you slept or the chairs you bought, that could be the fecal matter of the bugs. Also, check in the isolated dark spaces for any signs. If you see droppings, bugs or have bites on your hands, legs, face or such then you need to bring in experts in bed bug control Surrey or where you are.


The problem with DIY bed bug control methods is that if you miss even just a few eggs or one tiny area where the bugs escaped to or were not found, they will continue. They can live without feeding for up to 12 months.

Even if they cannot get to a source of food in that time, they will survive, and breed and eventually find their food source once more. Call in bed bug control Coquitlam or where you live as soon as you suspect you have them.


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